Upcoming Business Owner Webinars

Please join us for our next webinar on Wednesday, September 27th at 12:00pm EST "Cutting Through the Marketing Clutter: The Marketing Essentials Every Business Needs to Grow Their Sales" with special guest Keith Loris, President and CEO of Sales Renewal Corporation

No matter where you turn, you’re bombarded by messages about the latest bandwagon you must jump on and absolute must-dos for marketing your business. Worse, every vendor you ask will try to convince you that their product or service is your salvation.

This seminar cuts through the noise and offers an unbiased approach every business can use to quickly start growing their leads. Participants are introduced to the essential marketing programs all businesses need and will learn how to create and deploy a big-picture plan that pulls these different programs together into an integrated whole. Smaller firms might find these marketing essentials sufficient for their business, while larger firms will be able to use these essentials as a solid foundation upon which to build (or as a checklist to see if they’ve missed something essential).

This seminar is especially relevant for business owners who are thinking about transitioning out of their businesses. Developing and implementing a solid, effective marketing plan is one of the most cost-effective ways to increase business value as a means to achieving a successful business sale, either internally or externally.

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Bring Us Your Challenges 

As a business owner, have you ever stopped to consider:
  • What might happen to your business if you could not be there tomorrow? Or the day after?
  • How much your business might be worth today?
  • How much you need your business to be worth before you can afford to cash out?
  • How to maximize the value of your company?
  • How to sell or transfer your business to an insider and get what you deserve?
  • What transition or selling options are available to you, and what are their pros and cons?

* If you are an advisor, please contact us to receive a schedule of our advisor webinars. 


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"The real-life examples in
Cashing Out of Your Business
are eye-opening reminders that it’s
not too early to plan. The authors
clearly lay down the steps to have a successful outcome—and what may
happen if not properly done. They
have been a big help in my process
toward retirement."

– Dave Dalpe, Co-Founder,
Victory Mechanical Services, Inc.