Informational Resources

Whether you plan on transitioning the ownership of your business either internally or externally, our resources will assist you in exploring how to maximize your company’s value, minimize the overall tax burden, and determine which option(s) will allow you to achieve your goals and objectives. Download our free informational guides today. We also invite you to download a free chapter from our book Cashing Out of Your Business for a quick overview of what ownership transition planning is and how it can help you prepare for the largest financial transaction of your life. 

Lessons Learned – Stories of Missed Opportunity

Learn from the mistakes these business owners made so you don’t make them.
Many times, small changes can make a big difference in the overall outcome.
See how proper planning and preparation could have dramatically changed their results.

Case Studies – Success Stories

Read about real life transition successes.
These are satisfied owners who achieved their
ultimate business transition through the assistance of BTA.