Cashing Out of Your Business Process

Creating a Business Ownership Transition Plan involves:

  • Preparing yourself for the transition
  • Calculating your “wealth gap” or how much money you will need from the transition
  • Determining how much your business is worth today and how that matches up to
    your wealth gap
  • Analyzing your options for both internal and external transfers
  • Deciding which transfer option is most suitable to your goals
  • Pulling all of the details into a written document that outlines your customized transition
    path and what you must do to succeed
Our Planning Process

Planning early will allow you to affect the outcome and have a greater chance of achieving your goals. It will allow you to determine exactly what you are trying to achieve with your transition, increase the value of your business, decrease your financial dependence on the transition and maximize the net monetary “take” from the transition.  

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“I have had the opportunity
to work with Jane on a couple
of occasions recently. She is

extremely professional, has a
great way with people and an
amazing working knowledge of
the need and process of exit
strategies for small business
owners. Any business owner
should seriously consider
meeting with and discussing

strategies with Jane.”

– Alan Temkin,
Financial/Estate Planning,
Temkin Financial Group