Recommended Reading

In addition to our book Cashing Out of Your Business – Your Last Great Deal, we highly recommend the following books and reading resources to anyone considering or currently planning their business ownership transition:


Getting Yourself Prepared

  • Jack Beauregard: “Finding Your New Owner: For Your Business, For Your Life”
  • Bruce Wright: “The Wright Exit Strategy”
  • David Corbett: “Portfolio Life”
  • William Bridges: “Transitions – Making Sense of Life’s Changes”

Counting Beans

  • Jeff Harris, "Retire Rich and Happy”
  • Bill Bachrach: “Values-Based Financial Planning”
  • Dan Prisciotta: “Defend Your Wealth”

Building a Better Box

  • Rob Slee: "Midas Managers”
  • Jim Collins: “Good to Great” and "Great by Choice"
  • Michael Gerber: "The E-Myth Revisited"
  • Ian Smith: "Fulfilling the Potential of Your Business"
  • John Warrilow: "Built to Sell"
  • Gino Wickman: "Traction"
  • Small Business Administration:

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

  • John Leonetti: “Exiting Your Business, Protecting Your Wealth"
  • Roberta Scarlata: "Manage to Sell Your Business"
  • National Center for Employee Ownership: 

The Art of the Deal

  • Joe Bazzano: “Exiting Your Business Can Be Taxing” (whitepaper)

Family Business

  • Thomas Deans: "Every Family's Business"
  • Arline Kardasis, Rikk Larsen, Crystal Thorpe, and Blair Trippe: “Mom Always Liked You Best: A Guide for Resolving Family Feuds, Inheritance Battles & Eldercare Crises"
  • Family Firm Institute – Family Business Statistics:


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