BTA Business Owner Seminars

Thinking About Selling Your Business One Day? Learn How to Increase Business Value, Save on Taxes, and Achieve Your Goals!


We understand that as a business owner, you’re busy running your business. But if you’ve been thinking about what will happen to your business when you’re ready to step away (you may even be wondering if that’s possible), this seminar is for you.

BTA is pleased to offer this exclusive business owner seminar where you will learn what you need to do to increase business value, make your business more attractive to potential buyers (either internal or external), save money on taxes, and achieve your long-term goals

This seminar has been developed specifically for owners, their spouses, and/or co-owners who are thinking about selling their businesses, internally or externally, one day. You will leave with valuable information designed to assist you in preparing for the largest financial event of your life and help you secure the future you desire.

Why Attend?

Attending this seminar and planning in advance for your ownership transition enables you to: 

  • Ensure that your goals are clear, achievable, and not left to chance
  • Determine how much your business may need to grow before you can transition
  • Maximize your business value
  • Groom others to assume leadership positions in your business (succession)
  • Protect your business and personal wealth
  • Determine which transition options are possible and the best fit for you and your business
  • React appropriately to unsolicited offers
  • Act when the time is right for going to market
  • Minimize taxes
  • Achieve piece of mind
  • Positively impact and control the outcome of your transition

You Will Walk Away With:

  • Invaluable information on how to start planning for your eventual business transition
  • A Detailed Business Valuation Report that compares you to your peers
  • One-hour private consultation with one of our transition mentors to discuss your valuation report and your specific situation
  • A copy of our book Cashing Out of Your Business – Your Last Great Deal
  • Peace of mind

Registration and Discounts: 

Registration to these events is limited due to the personal time and attention we provide to every owner. Space is limited, so please plan early. Co-owners, business partners and spouses enjoy special discounts and are highly encouraged to attend. Come enjoy our destination locations and plan the next, best phase of your life!


Please contact us for upcoming dates and locations by emailing us at, or filling out the information request form to the right. 

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