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Defining Your Personal and Financial Goals Before You Transition

Posted by Jane Johnson on Mon, Jun, 18, 2018 @ 04:23 PM

Preparing yourself is the first step to successfully transitioning out of your business. While it is important to focus on preparing your business to sell, it is also vital to make sure you are both personally and financially ready to move on. You may not even remember who you were before you dove head first into your company, or know what to do with yourself after you leave it behind.

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Beyond the Great Unknown: Overcoming Fears about Transition Planning and Retirement

Posted by Jane Johnson on Thu, Jul, 20, 2017 @ 03:02 PM

In a recent post Baby-Boomer Business Owners Are Still Not Planning, we talked about some of the reasons why business owners aren't planning for their eventual transitions and retirement, including the complicated emotional issues that emerge around finality, mortality - and a loss of one's sense of self and purpose. 

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